Interracial dating might be pretty exciting and gives great experience for a future love life. It teaches not only how to treat someone with another cultural background but how to show respect to each other. However, international dating might bring lots of misunderstandings and conflicts as well especially while dating someone without knowing his/her basic cultural matters.

Dating with Asian girls is pretty common since they are living basically everywhere in the world and they are well-known from being lovely, cute and responsible. Dating with them is funny and interesting, however, it’s easy to make a mistake at the very first date. Here’s some short guide of things which you shouldn’t do while being on a date with an Asian girl.

If you are going on a blind date or meeting a girl who you happened to never seen before and you both know each other only from Tinder or few short messages on social media, it’s high possible that you don’t know where is she from exactly. The thing you never should do is try to guess her ethnicity. This will lead you to make awkward situation instead of breaking the ice, especially if your guess will be wrong. Instead of pretending to be a fortune teller, ask her politely about her cultural background.

While keeping conversation you should call her name a couple of time, so she would feel appreciated and feel more close to you. Another thing you should never do is ask her real name. Yes, as real we mean Chinese, Korean, Japanese weird sounded name. If Asian you are dating is an expat for sure she will use another, more English sound name, to make her person more recognizable, however, not all Asians who are living outside Asia has an original Asian name left behind. Some of them were born in Europe or USA and English name is the only name they have.

Another “no-no” thing is a bow in front of her. Bows in Asia are some act of showing respect especially to older or people who are highly ranked. Bowing in front of a girl, who is on a date with you and even in same or similar age, is a huge mistake and shows no interests in Asian culture.

Do not ask her multiple times how to say something in her language. Of course being curious is nothing wrong in this world; however, she is your date, not a walking dictionary.

If you want to impress your date about some cultural knowledge from her country, say it loud and make her feel special, however, do not attempt to try to be an expert especially if you had never been in her country before. All in all, she is an expert here.

Telling her that you really love, like and adore Asians is another mistake. If you like and prefer to hang out with Asian ladies, it’s totally fine, however, saying this to her multiple times will make her feel like an item instead of human. Treat her as an individual instead of “another Asian to date with”.

Touching her hair is something which makes her piss off and cut the date right away. The fact that she has a long, black and thick hair do not give you a permission to touch her head over and over again, just because her hair structure is different.

Those are only a few mistakes which can be easily made while dating an Asian girl. The best thing before hanging out is read a little bit about her country and origins and how people from her area behave on dates. Knowing dating scene from the particular place would definitely be a big plus.