If you are ever curious about interracial or biracial dating, you might even consider having such relationship yourself. Curiosity is a natural thing and there’s nothing wrong with it unless you are truly a commitment to what you want to achieve.

International love and marriage are getting more and more popular because of thousands of expats living in almost every country in the world. In order to stay in their desired country, they are willing to marry a country's citizen and provide a long term stay. Some of the local citizens are not interested in mix blood with some from another culture, however, there’s a bunch of people who even prefer interracial dating than hanging out with someone from the close area.

If you are one of them, for sure you need to try, a great place where skin color does not matter.

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What makes this site so special?
The fact that this site is truly related only to international dating makes it special already. There’s a bunch of different cultural backgrounds mixing together. Established back in 2001 with a huge database of users makes interracial love effective and quick to achieve.

Website Design
Website design does not look that professional when it comes to comparing with another dating services, however, it does have some good feeling in it. Sign up button is visible on the left along with the searching bar.

User’s interface looks pleasant and clean.

▪ has a bunch of special features which will help you in meeting your love from another country or even part of the world.
▪ One of best ones is match matching tool called “Let’s meet”. The site will provide you a couple of profiles every day based on your interests and search criteria.
▪ Communication works great and we do like the idea of instantly online chat which you can perform in a matter of few clicks.
▪ If you are more like social media person, there’s daily interracial news and dating ideas available to check in every time.

Membership is a site where you can choose what kind of membership you prefer to have. At first, we do recommend to get along with the site as a free member and then decided whenever to get into paid membership or not.
1-month membership cost $39.95 which is not that much but also it’s not the cheaper membership we ever came across with.

There’s a mobile interracial dating app related to this web which holds same name “Interracial match”. It’s available on iOS or Android.

Sign up process is pretty easy and won’t take more than few minutes. You can register either by valid email address or Facebook profile. Both ways are the same efficient.

Safety and Privacy claims to be #1 Interracial Dating Site in the World, however, any proven pieces of information about safety and privacy are hard to find. Of course, there’s a document about privacy policy but what is missing is any secure script while logging in. we are afraid that amount of spam or fake profiles might be high.

Customer Service
Talking about customer’s service there’s a poor feedback as well. At first, all you can do is browse FAQ and send an email to moderators. As for #1 interracial dating site, this is very disappointing.

Final Verdict is a good website but for sure it can’t be called as “number 1”. It lacks security which is important and customer support is slightly poor. Membership is a bit pricey here and we are not sure it’s worth paying it at first. From another hand, it has lots of great features and mobile app in order to help to find love. If you’re looking to get involved in the interracial relationship, then you should definitely give this site a try.