Dating with an Asian girl might be something unique, very experienced and memorable for sure. If you are having “yellow fever” and dreaming about Asian lady in your life, there’s something you need to remember. It’s hard to give an exactly ultimate guide how to win her heart, however, there are few tips and tricks that might come in handy.

First of all, you need to remember that dating with Asian lady is way much different than dating with a Western girl. Despite cultural background, behaviors, traditions and even language barrier, interracial dating is more challenging but gives more satisfaction. Knowing different cultures and how people from particular country behaves, will raise your chance of dating Asian.

If you want to impress your date, get to know few basic words like “hi” and “thank you” in her native language. She will feel appreciated and glad that you want to take a sip about her culture. Asking questions about the place she had been born and about her family’s culture will make her happy too. There are some mistakes you might make unconditionally, and we wrote about them in articles “ Things not to do while dating Asian”. It’s worth checking out.

Be yourself and do not lie. Be honest and don’t pretend to be someone else. If there’s something you dislike tell her and open your mind. Don’t hide your true emotions because there’s no point to do it.

Praise a compliment or two, and don’t feel shy if she will say something nice about you. Asian guys tend t be closed and too shy when it comes to dating, so be confident is your key to winning.

Take her to awesome and interesting place for a first date. Asians use to date in coffee shops so she might not be impressed if you have an idea to grab coffee together. For sure she is looking for something else and you can give it to her.

Cook one of her favourite local dishes. Learn a bit about the cuisine of her country and prepare a surprise lunch or dinner. She will be shocked that you learnt some special recipe just for her. Knowing her eating habits and the cultural food is a great way to be more intimate.

Treat her parents and family well. Most of Asians are family-oriented and there’s nothing more important that a family for them. Giving proper respect in certain situations and offer help or even share small gifts with her parents will be appreciated.

Even you might be a bit obsessed with Asians and have “yellow fever” treat your date as an individual case. Don’t judge her behaviour just because previous Asian girl you have met was crazy or wild. Every Asian girl has a different character and you need time to discover it. Ask about her favourite things, dates ideas and plan for future. As she will open her heart for you, then it will be your chance to grab it and make her fall in love.