Does size matter for Asian girls? This might be a question which is commonly asked by all Westerns who are into dating with Asian ladies. Appearance difference between westerns and Asians are visible at the first glance so no wonder that such questions sooner or later appears in interracial relationships.

Sex is something which is needed in every relationship, even those interracial ones. Many people are willing to get into one-night stand just to check out the “size”. There’s nothing wrong in being curious, however getting into slightly dangerous (because of STDs) relations just to check how good this person is in bed, is a bit ridiculous.

Asian girls are well-known from being pretty, sexy and erotic but some of them are also well-known from being really picky. They are interested in dating Westerns but most rich or most good looking ones with big equipment down there. If you are average looking and you're’ not owning a business and great looking body for sure you can forget about mingle with Koreans and Japanese. For such picky girls, size does matter A LOT. No wonder they prefer to hang out with Westerns if all they want is to check and try having sex with them. Size is the main key here. The biggest the better it is, however, some of Asians tend to fake orgasm and pleasure while in bed. Those girls are experts in “penis size superstitions” and always check out them carefully before decided to go to bed with a particular guy.

Another case is the girl who never tries to date with Westerns. For such girls, size does not matter because they don’t have any comparison to this. They feel comfortable with Asians and even if a Western guy appears on their way, they might be too scared to try it out. Some of them are having small and petite bodies so playing around with a “big size” partner might be slightly painful for them. This is one of the reasons why they stay away and never try to have sex with Westerns.

The third groups of girls are ladies who either had sex with Asians and Westerns. For them, size does not matter as well. They are flexible enough and know their bodies well, so all in all, they don’t need huge equipment to feel pleased. However, if a good looking Western guy appears on the way, they might try it out and pure pleasure but it’s not necessary for them. They are pleased with what they might get from local boys.

In conclusion, it's safe to say that for some Asian girls size matters and for some of them not. It all depends on sexual life and how free they feel about it. Having sex with random guys just to check out big sizes or BBW might sound ridiculous for one, but might be kind of sport for another. For sure what does matter while having great and successful sex life is methods and technics and feelings shared between lovers.