For foreigners who are traveling to Asia, or happened to live there as an expat it’s hard to understand the culture at first. Asian culture is something unique and definitely, way much different than western style. Asian cultural differences are touching every topic like working, school, interactions between people and of course dating. Finding love in Asia has a different pattern and structure when it comes to dating in Europe or the USA. What is a most popular way to date in Asia and does it same effective like in western culture?

First of all, let’s say that Asians takes dating way more serious than westerns. Even small flirt might lead to a serious commitment and marriage. Asians do not attempt to flirt if their purposes are not true, legit and honest. They tend not to be interested in one night stands or useless flirt just to killing time. What they are looking for from the beginning is a true and legit relationship which might end up with marriage.

When it comes to finding a proper partner for a date, there're a few ways outs. First and most popular are looking for someone through common, mutual friends. Boy and girl are being introduced by someone who knows both of them, and they go for a date together. If it’s the first date it’s common that mutual friend will accompany them.

Another way of meeting singles are blind dates. This is common for young people or a bit old and desperate ones who already passed their best years a long time ago. Blind dates are directly forwarded into one main purpose: getting married. If a couple meet by blind date and they feel comfortable with each other, they might get married within a few months later.

Some of the people still asking parents and family to find a partner but this way of dating are not that common anymore and rather popular across people who achieved some CEO positions or holds great business.

The worst thing to get a wife in Asia is buying her by the internet but this I something slightly illegal and we would rather not to talk about this matter here.

Dating in Asia has a pattern when it comes to dating place as well. Asians rather prefer to meet up in a coffee shop or restaurant or at least having some comfy walk around. There’s no place for something spontaneous and unexpected with unforgettable memories.

Dating culture is not only focused on couple itself but rather on their behaviors and how they should dress. Couples wearing same t-shirts or hats are common in Asia since they want to show to the world that they belong together.

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Celebrating every 100 or 300 days of relationship is common as well. What's more, there’s a saying that couple can’t have sex until 100 days passed. It’s a bit ridiculous but lots of couples still follow this rule.

After successful months of dating, here comes the marriage. Asians tend not to propose to be loved ones with flowers and ring, but rather than make an agreement with each other and parents that this is the perfect moment to get married. Usually, after such “agreement” they get married within a couple of months. It’s worth to mention that even engaged couple, they do not live together until the day they got married.

Dating in Asia does have the pattern and if you are Western who is willing to date Asian you should remember all those things. At first, they might sound a bit weird here and there, however, if you fall in love with a proper person, all dating patterns you will be able to accept.